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Go Sea Brunswick River Kayak Tours


About 10 k’s up the road from the Bay is the magnificent Brunswick River. The most significant river system feeding the Cape Byron Marine Park. The Bruns river flows from the base of the coastal mountain ranges to the sea. A brilliant shallow water estuarine system runs North and South from the main arm just behind the sand dunes of the beautiful Byron Shire Beaches and are home to an incredible array of marine life, endangered bird species and an intact segment of littoral rainforest.


It is a beautiful, unique ecology and the only way to really experience it is with GoSea on one of our EcoKayak tours, more than just a kayak tour. Our tours are great for groups, families and kids as young as 3 are welcome aboard, there lots of safe spots to swim and splash about.


Our River Kayak Tours include snorkeling as well, an added bonus to seeing whats underneath your kayak during your river experience.


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