All of our crew at Go Sea Kayak Byron Bay are passionate about protecting Mother Nature and acting ethically upon our tours and throughout our operations. We are working constantly at this and making improvements in sustainability all the time.


You may notice some of the following


  • Solar Power – our business is run by the sun, our trailer has solar panels, and large battery’s storing power for us to use for our office equipment, radios, phones, and other equipment, we are an “Off Grid “ business.
  • Walking around town, we can always pick you up for our tours from your accommodation but if you are within a 1km radius of us we suggest strolling down to us to jump on one of our tours, you will save being stuck in slow moving traffic especially in peak season churning out carbon monoxide.
  • Single use plastics – we are working on reducing our use of Single use plastics, Guides have agreed to use stainless drinking bottles and we suggest you do the same. We also are working on eliminating single use coffee cups ( we all need a coffee) and having our own mugs within the workplace.
  • Buying local – you may notice already , especially on our river tours our food is sourced locally from local farmers and producers through the Brunswick Village Grocer store, we are also working on local suppliers of food for our Dolphin Kayak Tours stay tuned for that. We also aim to buy local for most of our supplies and this aim will continue to be a focus here at Go Sea Kayak
  • Using Oxybenzone free sunscreen to help protect our reefs and ourselves – view why Hawaii banned sunscreens with oxybenzone below.




On the Tour


We ask you to join us in the privilege of kayaking in the spectacular Cape Byron Marine Park. We are so lucky to have a wide range of Marine Life to observe on our tours. It is truly a special encounter.

Our approach though is not to chase the wildlife but put you in a position where the wildlife can choose to visit you and say hi. We do not want to alter their behavior and you can help us by following the Guides instructions and observing Wildlife on their terms.

We would hate to be the reason in years to come Dolphins leave the embayment of Byron Bay due to too much hassle from humans. You may observe other Marine Park users chasing Dolphins but we know that this is not a sustainable practice and the Dolphins may not be enjoying that experience.



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