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The Atlantic is a boutique lifestyle hotel smack in the heart of Byron Bay looking over a rainforest reserve. A blend of tropical cool and modern luxury, Atlantic is a collection of individually styled guest rooms in original coastal cottages surrounded by palm trees and tropical gardens. Famous for its eclectic mix of surf culture, gypsy lifestyle and international travellers, The Atlantic has established itself as the ideal place to stay.
Enjoy private and luxury accommodation with all the modern comforts you need to relax and enjoy your Byron Bay Holiday.
Relax and refresh in a private sanctuary offering luxury accommodation just minutes from the vibrant village of Bangalow and the heart of Byron Bay.


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Formed in June of 2011. Byron Bay based NGO Positive Change for Marine Life (PCFML) was founded on the principles of creating long-term profitable change in regards to marine conservation issues worldwide.

Through understanding, education and respect their mission is to collaborate with the people and corporations involved in inhumane and unsustainable marine industries worldwide and create profitable, viable alternatives that benefit not only the animals and the environment but the communities as well.

PCFML also works on instilling a sense of stewardship towards the oceans through education packages, public events and through inspiring young people to realise the importance of the oceans and encouraging them to work together to ensure their protection.


Go Sea Kayak is proud to support Positive Change for Marine Life and are happy to work with them in creating a sustainable future for our oceans!
Dolphin Research Australia Inc. is a marine conservation charity dedicated to advancing the knowledge, awareness and protection of dolphins, whales and the oceans through research and education. The organization works with school groups, industry and the community to provide opportunities to learn, actively engage and participate in environmentally positive actions to help conserve our planet.

They run a number of keystone dolphin research projects that aim to determine the abundance, trends and health of our dolphin populations.  Their Byron Bay Dolphin Research Project has been running for over 12 years and Go Sea Kayak is proud to be a partner of the project helping to monitor and care for our dolphin populations and habitat.